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In a world where everyone tries to fit in, choose to be more, choose to be..You

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.” ―James A. Michener When it comes to success, our perception is diverse. This may be as a result of personal experiences or beliefs. However, something that is common to success and successful people is…Perseverance. Research has found that one of the most powerful […]
In the book of Matthew 14:22-23 we read the remarkable account of how our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ walked on water. While the story is so indelible for obvious reasons, I find something else quite striking in this event. The disciples were in a state of confusion, the storm was raging; it was murderous. […]
There was a time in my life when I was heading a branch of a manufacturing firm in Africa, before then I was a sales representative with the same organisation. According to them, no one had ever achieved the kind of sales I did. The manager was so impressed, he made me a branch-manager two […]
A few days ago Benny and I went to the grocery shop to get some items, as I was returning to the car, I saw an elderly woman walking slowly in, her eyes were fixed on the Toilet paper packet another lady had in her cart. Intuitively, I decided to follow her; she walked slowly […]
There’s a very nice story in the bible in the book of Mattew 14 where Jesus walked on water. As cool as that sounds, it wasn’t the only thing that makes this story even more unforgettable. We know Jesus was and still is the Son of the Living God, we know He was special in […]
The new year comes with a lot of anticipations and goals. Some people even have new year resolutions, this is almost expected as we step into yet another three-sixty five days. The obvious reason for any delayed action is usually the common excuses; no resources, insufficient time, being too busy and the list goes on. […]
The bible talks about a very remarkable story in the book of Genesis 11:1-9, it’s a very popular one; The Tower of Babel, the moment humans astonished the almighty God Himself. Several men from diverse ethnicity came together to build a never-ending Tower; their reason, to simply SEE God! They became curious, and their curiosity […]
The Chinese Bamboo is one of the most talked-about Trees on the planet, the reason is not a surprise at all. This is not a function of its distinctive look and appearance, don’t get me wrong they are indeed a sight to behold. However, the bamboo Tree holds a deeper significance than any other known […]
I sat next to a drunk young man on the bus to Ellen Brook one evening, He had a box of beer wrapped around his arms.  After the usual introductions, he went ahead to tell me how he had been trying very had to not return to prison; he was released around a year ago. […]
David attenborough’s documentary featured a story about the Lyre bird some time ago. Lyre birds are one of the most remarkable animals on planet earth. They are the only known animal that can mimic well over twenty different sounds rapidly; just by hearing the sound. And they can repeat it for as long as they […]
  A few weeks ago; I got my wife Benny, some flowers from a nearby Coles.  It was wasn’t my first but forsome strange and unexplainable reason; I decided not to allow the flower witherquickly like the others I got before. So, I hatched out a plan, every single day, right after work I would […]
A few years ago, I just quit my job as a branch manager of a manufacturing firm where I worked for two years in Nigeria. Upon getting home. I broke the news to an uncle of mine, expecting some motivation and succor. He laughed so hard, he almost fell over the balcony. When he was […]