I didn’t smoke all the time; at least not anymore. But that day was different; this […]
And why not? The whole world is in a state of chaos, gold is now more […]
Does God exist? If He does who is He, why did He make man? Have you […]
I have a very keen fascination for cars, torque, speed and horsepower; those terms excite me. […]
It is a new year yay! New aspirations, new goals and dreams. 2020 was quite a […]
A father asked his son who recently turned eighteen what first the thing he would do […]
Over the years there have been major doubts about how humans came on the scene. Questions […]
One of the most insane five-letter words, I have come to know. The book of Hebrews […]
I had a very intriguing experience at work some days ago. I had the honour of […]
Where is the peak? When can we say we have reached the climax? What more can […]
For the past couple of years, I have had to make a journey some may consider […]