A few days ago Benny and I went to the grocery shop to get some items, as I was returning to the car, I saw an elderly woman walking slowly in, her eyes were fixed on the Toilet paper packet another lady had in her cart.

Intuitively, I decided to follow her; she walked slowly to the isle where the Toilet Papers were usually placed; it was all gone. She came a little too late. I turned to leave holding my precious dunny rolls close to my chest.

Then suddenly it hit me; it was a Godly hunch that I can’t quite explain. I walked over to her and gave her my packet. She was confused and fair enough, I would be too!

“I saw you go to the isle; so sorry there was none left please take this, it’s already paid for so no need to pay the cashier. ” The frail lady still couldn’t believe me, so because I didn’t have my receipt I raced to the cashier to explain the situation.

The current status of the world today is not the best, almost everybody is panic buying, thank God the Australian government has weighed on the matter as well. But the reality is, people are thinking mostly of themselves and their loved ones.

In all honesty, that’s reasonable, it’s the most sensible thing to do, but sometimes, a little bit of selflessness can go a long way. When you meet someone’s need, you are not just being a nice person; you are programming your mind right.

You see if you are ever going to understand abundance and plenty; you must first think like someone who has plenty. Do you see many poor people give? Hardly. That’s because they are more conscious of their need. I understand how harsh that sounds but it’s true.

Do you know something very common with rich folks? They are givers! Not all of them I know, but most of them are. They open their hands more often than most people. Warren buffet is super-rich, but he has also made more millionaires as well.

You can say well I am not rich, how about helping where you can. The importance is not in the size or quantity; it is in the thought. Your quiet-unseen generosity can put you in places even money cannot. Even the bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive.

So as the whole world groans and suffers from this pandemic; choose to be selfless. Choose to please God, and did I mention that I have more than enough toilet papers now?



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