Does God exist? If He does who is He, why did He make man? Have you ever asked these questions? Well I have. Especially when as I child, I lost my mum to Sickle cell Anaemia.

It was quite confusing for me to grasp the idea of a God that would let my mum die so young leaving her kids behind. I thought If He did exist He wasn’t a good one.

Now an adult If life has taught me anything at all; it is the reality of divinity. Yes you heard me right. In this highly advanced, technologically and scientifically driven fast paced-world; there is a God indeed.

The unseen,yet powerful God, absent physically but present in everything you see, feel and touch, the birds,trees oceans, mountains,sun, moon and you, yes you.

The bible in the book of Psalms 46 calls him a very present help in times of need. The only one that remains when everyone else walks away. The one that would not give you conditions or rules to socialise or mingle with Him.

I know what you are thinking; you are wondering how I can talk like this. It’s not quite stylish is it?..I know. But I can say this without any iota of doubt because I have been there.

I have been in places and positions I knew I was done. When I’ve had to stand alone (or so I thought), scream aloud to whoever cared to listen. Alas..I heard nothing. There was only silence. Life for me was nothing short of a debacle.

In moments of absolute disdain;I found peace with this invisible yet present God and friend. He didn’t crucify me, even with my obvious imperfections, my visible flaws (there were many) .

I couldn’t see Him; but His strength could not be more powerful. With each blow life threw, with each hurdle and mountain…I forge ahead every single day.

But there is no surprise there though, because that’s why He came; to give us a life of peace, joy and bliss. He carefully knit everyone of us in the womb, so He understands us,more that we do ourselves.

This my friend is the real reason the creator created the creation; FELLOWSHIP. That’s all He wants. No matter how dirty we are, smelly and filthy He will never refuse or reject you.

You don’t need to fix yourself, He has all the right tools. And there’s no circumstance too crazy, He knows all the routes, He is better than GPS and google maps, He knows the way out.

Take a leap of faith today and jump into His waiting arms…He will catch you. Don’t wait.



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