I have recently taken on a new hobby, fishing; well sort off. And as you may have guessed my first four trials so far has been terrible, to say the least. Not only did I lose most of the precious bait my friend bought, I almost lost the fishing rod at one stage.

We did manage to catch a blow-fish, it was the highlight of that day. But of course, we had to return it into the sea, the strange thing was catching that highly poisonous fish gave us enough strength and hope to keep casting the rod.

I remember asking my friend what his fish-catching secret was, he laughed aloud, and he said “Patience” all you need is patience. I was quiet after that. But those words followed me home.

Perhaps he was right, because even if you have the best rod in the world, and don’t have any bait; chances are you will probably be wasting some very precious time.

Furthermore, if you have everything right and for some insane reason you find yourself at the wrong location; you can simply forget it; because fishes migrate and you have to know precisely where they are at certain times and seasons of the day or year.

However, even if everything is perfect, location, equipment weather and timing; it is still not a guarantee for catching anything at all, how very interesting indeed.

That is where patience is very crucial, life is somewhat similar to fishing; you have gone to school you have the best degrees, you even have a very enviable job, live in a beautiful home or have an amazing family, but there is this one thing you have always asked and wished you had.

You are not alone I have been there. You see sometimes; it’s got nothing to do with your beliefs, strengths or abilities. It’s not some explainable force working against you. And it’s not that God hates you or has forgotten you

Sometimes; it’s just timing. The bible says in the book Ecclesiastes that there is a timing for everything under the sun. God’s timing is strategic and nothing sort of the best.

Look at it this way? You wouldn’t be digging into the ground to remove a seed you planted just because it’s not growing fast enough, would you? I wouldn’t You will tend to be patient enough to let it run its course. And while you are waiting, you are nurturing and nursing the plant to grow well.

So, while a lot hinges on our patience; how we wait, is even more important. While waiting for the change you desire, you have to learn to remind yourself while it is worth the wait. Celebrate your future even before you see it.

Sometimes is not about the destination; it’s about the journey and the vehicle we travel in. In this journey of life, let your vehicle be God. Don’t make this journey alone with your own ideas, philosophy and beliefs; they will ultimately fail you.

Trust God even when all hope is lost and there is nothing left. Let God be your anchor, He will never disappoint you.



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