I had a very intriguing experience at work some days ago. I had the honour of making a pan-cakes, yes that was not a typo. I am originally from Nigeria; the most popular African country in the world; well not always for the good reasons I should add; nonetheless, she has birthed some of the greatest minds in our world today. I am one of them.

I like Amala and Egusi a lot, a whole lot actually eating that dish together trigger memories of my childhood days with my grandmother in our one-storey building somewhere in Mushin.

The truth is I have come to adore and cherish Macca’s bacon, egg muffins and hot chocolate ( I don’t drink coffee). I am a huge fan of mud cakes, toasties and sandwiches. But I don’t like pancakes, so I have never had to make one.

So imagine my shock, my first three attempts were so terribly burnt, it triggered the smoke alarm in the kitchen thrice. Just as I was about to give up, it suddenly occurred to me; I had been using the wrong pan.

You see, to get the best out of your pancake mix, your pan should be the non-stick type, it makes it very easy when turning the pancakes over and over until it is done. Apparently, everyone knows that..well I didn’t

No this is not a culinary class, I will leave that to the pros. The point here is trying new things experiences or skills can always be challenging, however; if we are consistent and dedicated, it gets better.

New experiences are imperative for any form of development, so we can’t avoid them. The key is having the right tool in any given scenario. A person drowning for example would need a life jacket, you need an umbrella when it rains, is the rain pleasant? yes to farmers mostly, but not generally especially when you are well dressed for an important event.

No matter what your situation is, with the right tool, it can be managed or even enjoyable. You must understand that every experience is fading, it’s not a mirage it’s real. But it won’t linger.

So how about some Pancakes? How about trying something absolutely new, especially now. A decision like this could very well make a lasting positive difference in your life. Do it now don’t procrastinate.

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