Over the years there have been major doubts about how humans came on the scene. Questions have been asked about where or what our source and origin stems from.

Scientists have fought to alienate the very intuition that a supernatural being or power exists. Evolution is their ultimate explanation for human existence. Man evolved from a monkey to what is now referred to as Homosapiens.

I find this very interesting, science has always been the go-to place for humankind before anything else. The recent pandemic also showed man’s vulnerability and reliance on artificial and man-made ideologies.

Am I against science? Far from it. On the contrary, I am a true fan, what I dispute however is the constant and repeated effort of trying to use science as a tool for atheism.

Did Jesus really walk on water? Did He turn water to wine or did He even exist altogether? Evidence suggests that the answer is yes! it is not just a feel-good story; those events took place.

So does God truly exist? I am proof that He does. I have an extraordinary cognitive ability, I multitask a lot. And just in case you think that’s no big deal. I also happen to know things I actually can’t explain how especially in the field I work.

Don’t get me wrong I am actually very very qualified for what I do, however, in all honesty, I can’t give my education all the credit for my success, it would be misleading.

I am not alone, do you know how smart dolphins are? They are very intelligent, they easy outsmart most animals. Who made them? How about the sun and the moon, how did they come about?

God does exist, folks, He is invisible to the human eye, but He is real. He is a “gentle giant” powerful yet so subtle. He is magnificent and full of beauty and glory.

Despite the fact that creation has rejected Him over and over again, His love for humanity grows with each passing day. He is gracious, kind and merciful. He is an amazing father to have.

I know this because I too used to be an atheist, I hated Him with a passion when I lost my mum to Sickle Cell Anemia has a nine-year-old. I couldn’t understand why a good God could let a nice woman like her die, it didn’t make sense.

But as years went by it became clear, I came to understand that it wasn’t Him. God doesn’t do evil, He only does good, and He is quite good at it. The bible calls Him a present help in times of need.

Life is only meaningful if God is involved in your affairs, He alone can give you peace in this crazy and insane world.No matter who you are or what you have done, He will never reject you, come as you are today; you are not broken beyond repair. Read Rom 10:9



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