And why not? The whole world is in a state of chaos, gold is now more common than trust. Why should I choose a total stranger over myself? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with selflove. Yes leadership is not a cup of tea; it is costly and painstaking; having to “Serve” people, understanding their needs, perception and sometime, their fear too.

That right there is a burden; one not many people are equipped to carry. One thing I have always wondered about leaders is that they are not always the strongest, coolest, smartest or meanest, they are ordinary everyday people. Yet something sets them apart.

Our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, was a classic and perfect example of who a leader is, He did everything with His disciples, He washed their feet, made jokes with them, He fed them, clothed them and even healed them, He became so intertwined with them that, when the Roman solders came to take Him away, only a kiss of betrayer could reveal His identity.

The human is a complex being, to be able to comprehend, persuade and influence another human is no small fit. So how does one become a leader? How do you become a mentor, role model and confidant people can trust and believe in?

The answer my friend is Love; despite the diversity and differences within the human race, there is one commonality. Every human responds well to love. I know there are different kinds of love, but the love I am talking of is the agape love of God. That love is the selfless kind; that wants nothing in return.

Jesus had that love for his disciples, even when He knew He was going to be taken away to be killed; He took time to pray for them. When Peter was sort for to be punished for being one of His disciples; although Peter denied Him, Jesus could have easily pointed him out to the authorities. He thought of His followers even as He took His last breath.

Love is a very powerful thing, people will naturally draw to love, where there is no judgement, no condemnation, no criticism, just genuine affection and the need to understand the world through their eyes.

Who is your follower? Who are you leading? Who really are they? Do you know? What are their interests? What are their needs? What is their story? Do you know? Where are they from? Where are they now?

Questions…crucial ones too. Understanding that people are different is useful; knowing why is essential. However the onus is on you to make your followers know that you are “With” them indeed. No strings, No agendas just genuinely interested in their well-being.

Here is where another story begins, a story written about you and how your selflessness transforms a life secretly watching and acknowledging your sacrifice and devotion to their course. That story can begin today. What say you?



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