One of the most insane five-letter words, I have come to know. The book of Hebrews 11:1 describes it has the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Let’s examine that for a moment, faith is something you can’t see; yet, you believe it anyway. It’s like the title deed to land you own thousand and thousand of miles away, so although people can’t see the land or property; they can see your deed as proof that it’s actually yours.

That’s what professors would call being demented, the human mind is fashioned to only believe what it can perceive, see or feel. ” Seeing is believing” You will often hear.

So for you to actually call yourself a success (which is what I am) you need to show or prove that you are in fact who or what you say you are. The fast world we live in can’t fathom faith…it is not comprehensible.

The definition of success is embedded in cars, houses and huge investment portfolios you have globally, anything short of this is what is referred to be a “Wannabe”. Or as some others would call it, A DREAMER.

Do you remember Abraham’s story? Yes, the guy that didn’t have a child until he turned hundred, the guy God’s called out of his kindred to a place he didn’t know; that’s the guy I’m talking about. The funniest part of the story, he actually called himself ” A father of many” even before having Isaac.

That guy was a “Nutter” He had to be, he left his family and loved ones to go to a destination he didn’t know by a God he had never seen. He was promised a child that didn’t come till he was hundred. And if that was not enough, God asked for the child (only Child) back as an offering.

Despite all these madness he didn’t ever question God or say No! God spoke, and he did. He knew his place. He was the clay, not the porter. He was the creature, not the creator. No wonder God loved the guy and called him His friend.

It suddenly makes sense now why this “INSANITY” called faith is the only thing that pleases God, No it’s not your offering, not your church attendance, not your dancing and clapping. None of that will do.

It is that defiant, stubborn and trust in the UNSEEN God. Believing in Him and His word even when the whole world laughs and mocks you. Trusting that He will come through on His promises no matter what. That madness is what He wants.

Accepting what He says against your obvious and perceived reality. My friend, this is what makes us more than “ORDINARY MEN” This is what makes us supernatural.

What do you have an insane faith for? Don’t give up? Don’t give in, it is still possible even now.



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