The bible talks about a very remarkable story in the book of Genesis 11:1-9, it’s a very popular one; The Tower of Babel, the moment humans astonished the almighty God Himself. Several men from diverse ethnicity came together to build a never-ending Tower; their reason, to simply SEE God!

They became curious, and their curiosity got them to do what would have naturally been impossible.  What makes that story even more remarkable is the fact that God had to intervene. Not to literally stop the building, He simply gave them different languages.

So, the inevitable happened, since they could no longer comprehend each other and communicate meaningfully the project had to stop. You see as long as they understood each other; they were united, however; the moment that changed, their focus also changed.

If it true that we are indeed made in God’s image, it is therefore correct that we superior in many ways beyond our human comprehension. There is absolutely no telling of what we a capable of as a people, family, nation or country.

People power! There is immense power in a united people.  The world is at this stage because at some point in history some people choose to put aside their differences and embrace a common goal.

From the year 1948 until 1990, thousands of South Africans marched to their deaths, in a fight that only they understood. Like most countries, they had different tribes; during those years none of that mattered. They wanted one thing and one thing only…Freedom, freedom from racial segregation.

As they marched towards the rifles, leaving sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, homes and families. Some of them knew it would be their very last fight.  With tears, they march hand inter-wined as one towards the bullets that ultimately ended their lives.  

The human race is God’s most remarkable creation, perhaps it’s a function of the fact that we were made in His image.  However; if it is true that one human can achieve so much think about what we can do in unity.  

People Power!  A force powerful enough to bring kings and rulers to their knee, change governments and alter ideologies.  Simple ordinary people coming together can effect a change that will out-live even posterity.  Don’t ever doubt the strength in numbers.  

In 2014, a young-man boarding a train in Stirling Perth, here in Western Australia had his leg trapped between the train-track gap. He slipped and fell; the train was almost departing when the train driver was alerted.

Well over a hundred people gathered together, to lift the over 2000 tone-carriage, because of one MAN! His colour, race and beliefs were irrelevant, he was one of them. No one was going anywhere until he was free. What audacity! No one was consulted; no permission was needed.  

The news broke all over the globe, governments stood in ovation, world leaders were dumbfounded. Perth was put on the map. Once again, the world was reminded of the enormity of the power people possess.

 Racism and discrimination have cost us more than we could ever afford. Families torn apart, marriages broken, and wars and have ensued. Although it appears like we have achieved a lot, the infallible truth is that we would take bigger strides in unity and harmony, in one voice, one vision under God.  

Yes, under God; for it is useless to ignore or nullify the existence of a supreme being. I assure you even in unity the human race is powerless with her source.  I do not say this just as a preacher; I say this as a writer with insight into the absolute truth.



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