There’s a very nice story in the bible in the book of Mattew 14 where Jesus walked on water. As cool as that sounds, it wasn’t the only thing that makes this story even more unforgettable.

We know Jesus was and still is the Son of the Living God, we know He was special in every way, we know He was more than a “normal man” I mean this guy rose the corpse of Lazarus back to life. So walking on water was just another cool “stuff ” He could do so, in other words, no big deal.

Shockingly, the story didn’t end there, Peter; a man of no educational background in any shape or form; a man whose skill is solely fishing and nothing to do with the laws of physics, chemistry let alone science; also walked on water.

Examine this with me please, if the story hadn’t revealed it was Jesus on the sea, perhaps no one would have known till this day, it would have been a tale of two guys defying gravity.

Think about it, Peter was a regular guy who for a few minutes did the exact same thing, Jesus did, he didn’t need to summon angels or talk to the sea or even split it in two as Moses did; he simply answered the call to come.

The dread of the recent convo-virus is now the ‘song the whole world sings” every news channel and most media has this as their only focus. while the information and education aspect is helpful, but just like anything else too much of information especially about a “Virus” as this, creates unnecessary fear.

Peter walked perfectly well until his focus changed from Jesus to the ocean. At that moment he began to sink. Fear crept into him, and he suddenly realised how insane and humanly impossible what he was doing was.

Someone explained fear as a False Expression Appearing Real, meaning it is a mirage. The virus is a problem, we know that but it is not the first; humanity has been faced with this form of epidermic before. And like others, this will surely pass.

What is crucial though is what we do with this time, you see every human need creates an opportunity. It sounds bizarre, I know, but sometimes crisis and challenges help us focus on the important things in life, reminding us of how feeble and frail the human race is; and how useless she is without her maker.

This is a perfect time; to let God be your ultimate focus, by the time this virus passes would you have known God a little more? I don’t think He is worried about whether you are perfect or not. I think He just wants a relationship with you.

And so while the whole world is now chasing after “Toilet Paper” give God a “go” give Him a chance to introduce Himself to you. I have had to depend on Him so much in my life that I can boldly tell you He never disappoints. If you allow Him in today, you will never remain the same again.

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