There was a time in my life when I was heading a branch of a manufacturing firm in Africa, before then I was a sales representative with the same organisation. According to them, no one had ever achieved the kind of sales I did.

The manager was so impressed, he made me a branch-manager two years later, my new role didn’t come without its challenges, but eventually, my team and I excelled tremendously.

Well, it’s not a story with a happy ending though; when It was time to broaden my horizon and expand, I knew exactly what to do. I didn’t have any other job at that stage, but that didn’t stop me from doing the unthinkable, I resigned.

Change is not always convenient, but it is crucial to any meaningful development. For anything or anyone to flourish, there MUST be a Metamorphosis of some sort.

A butter fly was once an egg then a caterpillar, pupa from that to an adult. Each stage indispensable to the eventual outcome of the beautiful and breathtaking creature most of us love.

Making changes is not always comfortable, however, the cost of not doing so may be colossal and sometimes fatal. Every level of growth often comes with some kind of change.

How did we arrive at this level of technological advancement in our world today? We have cars that drive themselves, flatscreen and High definition resolution TVs, we have robots that perform high-quality surgery.

All this is possible because of humanity’s flexibility and adaption towards our changing world. What we are seeing today is the fruit of our enduring patience.

What do you need to change? When should this change be? What must be done to achieve this change? Even if you think you are in a good place there’s always room for self-development.

Don’t ever find yourself in a state of stagnancy, even now; that there’s a global epidemic, with a lot of unfortunate jobs loss, you as a person may need to evolve. You may need to take up a different kind of job you have never done before.

What skill have you ignored? Could recent events create an opportunity for you to devote some time towards it? It is an unfortunate situation, very true but you too can see an Angel in the Stone, as Micheal Angelo did.



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