Where is the peak? When can we say we have reached the climax? What more can we do? These questions are not rhetorical, however the answer is circumstantial. I have often told people that you can never exceed your vision, it is not just a motivational cliche; it is true.

The mind is an extremely powerful thing, it is so powerful; it can make an ordinary man invincible without possessing any superhuman power. I had always known I would write and publish a book, and so when I finally created an Instagram account; I introduced myself as a “Best Selling Author”

That was years ago, I had not even begun writing my manuscript then. I have been so many things, I have been a student, support worker (still one), a Team Leader and a church leader and so on.

However, I knew at some stage I would eventually publish my books, before you start assuming this is an article of self-gratification, hold your horses, it is not.

You may be in a very desperate situation right now; you may even be told there is no way out and you are done. Well, if life exists hope is not far off. I know because I have been there.

Your current situation should not stop your growth, you may not have all the cash you need right now for a project, that happens; what about other things you can do that does not require cash, networking perhaps?

99% of people that could have changed the world died with their dreams and aspirations, do you know why? They waited for money. They waited for some help from a mate, sibling, bank or spouse that never happened.

When I finally approved the last edited version of my book “So What”, my Uk based publisher sent me the bill (In British pounds), it was reasonable but I did not have the physical funds in my bank account; I had enrolled in a program at Murdoch University around the same time.

I could have pushed it to another time, I would have been very justified. But I understood the significance of timing. You see; God can give you a vision, It’s His nature to do so. However, it is NOT a must for it to become a reality. It is a choice.

I have since sorted out the publisher’s bill. That same book gave me a unique privilege at the Parliament House, here in Western Australia. Yes, the book I almost didn’t publish. I have sold a number of copies both here in Australia and even America, still counting.

You can say Femi, you don’t have kids yet you don’t understand what it’s like, or perhaps you might even say well there is a global pandemic are you not aware of that mate? Well, I understand but life will still go on despite all these.

What’s next for you? Don’t give yourself a reason to be stagnant. Make plans for your next move, don’t concede to the excuses and inadequacies that life throws at you. Guess what you are not the alone, condition your own atmosphere to suit YOU.

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