In the book of Matthew 14:22-23 we read the remarkable account of how our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ walked on water. While the story is so indelible for obvious reasons, I find something else quite striking in this event.

The disciples were in a state of confusion, the storm was raging; it was murderous. There was no way out, the future seemed bleak and hopeless, and they began to prepare for their eventual demise.

But in the very last moment, one of them decided to wake up the master who was deeply asleep in the same boat. And Jesus was not too happy; he must have had a good dream.

Jesus looked calmly at the sea and said, “Peace be still”. And that was it. A few words from this incredible man changed their lives forever, the raging storm stopped and there was calm once again.

The boat is likened to our circle of influence, people we allow in our circle. This is a sole determining factor of who and what we become. What would have happened to the disciples if Jesus had not been on that boat? Exactly.

When it comes to the affairs of life it is okay to be picky about who you allow to influence you, don’t invite everyone or anyone in. Your friendship should be constructive and intentional. Make certain the people you call your friend actually add more value to your life.

I’ve had to cut quite a number of people out of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. They were not all bad people, but their friendship was not pushing me toward my goals and dreams in anyway so..they had to go.

Of Course, not all of them were pleased; but the choice was mine to make it was not up for debate. My goals are too important to me to let a distraction blow it away. The sad reality is you cannot please everyone even if you tired.

If this is true, it, therefore, means you simply cannot choose to displease God or yourself to keep people happy. Don’t encourage burdensome relationships, they will ultimately destroy your plan and purpose.

Surround yourself with people who help you develop. People who give you constructive criticisms. They don’t always have to be family members or related to you by blood. One right person in your boat is all your need to fulfil your purpose.



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